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2-1-1/ Information and Referral (2-1-1) connects people in need with services designed to address that need by providing a central telephone information service, chat line, and maintaining a data base of community information. Callers are referred to service providers according to their situation. 2-1-1 may follow up with callers, when appropriate, to ensure that contact was made and to offer further assistance if needed.

2-1-1 maintains a comprehensive Directory of Services for Tompkins County on the Web. On-line publications include , and . 2-1-1 also publishes the "Tompkins County Community Services Guide"

Other community information publications of the Human Services Coalition include the Meeting Space Directory and the

2-1-1 can provide supportive services for organizations answering basic information calls, pre-screening for program eligibility and gathering survey data. Call for more information.

The 2-1-1/ I&R Director and Call Center Manager are available for presentations in the community on I&R services and community services in general.