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Community Health Advocates

Community Health Advocates

The Human Services Coalition, as part of a state-wide network of organizations, provides Community Health Advocates (CHA) services to Tompkins County residents and small businesses. Community Health Advocates (CHA), a program of the Community Service Society, provides free, confidential individual counseling and educational community presentations to consumers, small businesses, advocates and providers.

We can help you:

  • Get health care services
  • Understand your health insurance, and
  • Get the most out of it

People can seek help regardless of whether they are privately insured, publicly insured or uninsured.


Based on your circumstances, we can help you and your family with:

  • Learning where to get affordable health care services
  • Accessing financial assistance, or charity care, to help pay for your medical bills
  • Obtaining referrals for specialists and requesting out-of-network providers
  • Understanding how health care reform impacts you
  • Authorization/denials of coverage, medical services, recertification and exemptions
  • Knowing your appeal and fair hearing rights
  • Resolving disputes and medical billing issues
  • Understanding COBRA
  • Accessing medical services and selecting a primary care provider (PCP)
  • Understanding health insurance terms and policies

And much more!


Community Health Advocates offer free presentations and trainings to educate New Yorkers on many aspects of health insurance. These presentations are offered to raise awareness of health care issues and educate people about their rights in the health care system in New York. Please call the Human Services Coalition, at (607) 273-8686, to schedule.