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Health Planning Council

A photo of one of the gorges in Ithaca surrounded by trees

The Health Planning Council (HPC) is a program of the Human Services Coalition. To improve the health of Tompkins County residents, the HPC conducts community health planning, promotes the development of needed health services and resources, increases access to health care services, and encourages the integration of the various components into a functioning system.

Mission (pdf)

Highlights of Accomplishments

Advisory Board and Committees The HPC Advisory Board directs the activities of the HPC and participates in identifying health care needs and possible solutions. There are two standing committees that work on projects in their areas: Community Health & Access Committee and Long Term Care Committee. is an implementation arm of the HPC.

(THN) A program of the Health Planning Council, the goal of the THN is to enhance the health care system so that Tompkins County residents have access to health care services; knowledge of available health care choices; and support for healthy lifestyle behaviors.

Advisory Board Members (pdf)

HPC Schedule of Meetings (pdf)

Community Health & Access Committee

Long Term Care Committee

Health Information and Programs of the Health Planning Council


The Health Planning Council (HPC) works to improve the health of Tompkins County residents. For more information, or to learn how to get involved, e-mail Beverly Chin, program director, at: bchin@hsctc.org