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Sharing Your Wishes

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A goal of the Health Planning Council is to educate Tompkins County residents about the importance of communicating their health care wishes to family, friends and advisors.

Sharing Your Wishes is a local coalition of organizations and individuals. Our goal is to encourage anyone 18 years or older to plan in advance for their health care in the event that they experience an illness or condition that prevents them from making or communicating their wishes. We know that planning in advance is the best way to ensure that their choices are known, understood, and honored.

Sharing Your Wishes helps adults have conversations with those close to them to plan for these health care decisions. Materials available free of charge in Tompkins County include:

For other available materials, or to order, please download the Sharing Your Wishes Order Form.



To learn more about the Sharing Your Wishes program in New York, please visit www.sharingyourwishes.org.



MOLST (Medical Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment): Individuals who have advanced progressive chronic illness, are terminally ill or are interested in further defining their care wishes can discuss MOLST with their physician and other health care providers. This form includes medical orders and patient preferences regarding specific life-sustaining measures.



The development of Sharing Your Wishes materials and support for establishing local coalitions was provided by the Health Foundation for Western and Central New York.

The Health Planning Council (HPC) works to improve the health of Tompkins County residents. For more information, or to learn how to get involved, e-mail Beverly Chin, program director, at bchin@hsctc.org: