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Human Services Planning

Human Services Planning encourages cooperation among providers to develop well-organized service delivery systems and provides links to local, regional, and national decision-makers. It convenes the Homeless & Housing Task Force  the Continuum of Care, and monthly Human Services Forums.


Health Planning Council

To improve the health of Tompkins County residents, the Health Planning Council conducts community health planning, promotes the development of needed health services and resources, increases access to health care services, and encourages the integration of the various components into a functioning system.


2-1-1 Tompkins/ Information and Referral

2-1-1/ Information and Referral (2-1-1) operates at the hub of the Tompkins County services network to promote effective service delivery and efficient allocation of community resources. 2-1-1 connects people in need with services designed to address that need by providing a central telephone information service, chat line, and maintaining a data base of community information. Callers are referred to service providers according to their situation.

Advocacy and followup services are provided, as appropriate. Quality assurance surveys are performed three times annually to evaluate caller satisfaction with 2-1-1 service delivery.

2-1-1 maintains a comprehensive Directory of Services for Tompkins County on the Web. 2-1-1 also publishes the "Tompkins County Community Services Guide"