Micro-Aggressions in the Workplace

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with Laura Branca and Kirby Edmonds
Tuesday, April 10, 2018
9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Fee $70, includes refreshments

REGISTER ONLINE at www.hsctc.org/workshops
Borg Warner Conference Room, Tompkins County Public Library,
E. Green St. at S. Cayuga St., Ithaca (driving and access directions below)
Presented by the Human Services Coalition
Co-sponsored by the Tompkins County Public Library


The session is also a valuable complement for attendees of recent workshops, Managing a Diverse Workforce and Recruitment for Diversity: Minimizing Bias in the Hiring Process.

Micro-aggressions are exclusionary, denigrating behaviors or signals that are often carried out outside the perpetrator’s conscious awareness. Although there can be subtle, coded ways to express intentional hostility or disdain without risking disciplinary action for flagrant discrimination, micro-aggressions are more often the unexamined, unacknowledged expression of an individual’s biases toward people in excluded or marginalized identities or subordinate groups. Microaggressions are often trivialized or excused as being unintended, yet their messages are not-so-subtle and their impact can be very harmful to morale, the workplace climate, and the worker’s motivation to contribute and stay with the organization.

Attendees will:

  • Increase their awareness and understanding of micro-aggressions
  • Develop strategies for moving toward greater self-awareness
  • Develop strategies for responding to micro-aggressions when they occur
  • Identify strategies for coping with and healing from the impact of micro-aggressions

About the Presenters:

Laura Branca is a managing partner at Training for Change (TFC) Associates, founded in Ithaca in 1982. She leads interactive trainings, designs courses and materials on organizational change, planning, leadership development, team building, communication, decision-making, handling conflict, diversity inclusion, equity, and building culturally competent agencies and coalitions. TFC Associates assists organizations and leaders through consulting, strategic planning, and coaching, and are skilled facilitators with special expertise in facilitating intra-group and cross-group dialogues on racism and intersecting forms of exclusion and oppression.

Laura is Board President and a co-owner of Moosewood, Inc. She is a Senior Fellow with the Dorothy Cotton Institute whose focus is human rights education and civic participation in non-violent social change. Laura has more than 30 years of experience teaching conflict management, helping people resolve interpersonal, multi-party, organizational, and community conflicts, and mediating for the Community Dispute Resolution Center.

Kirby Edmonds, a managing partner at Training for Change (TFC) Associates, has designed and delivered numerous workshops for counselors in the areas of basic counseling, group counseling and developing cultural competency. He has designed training workshops, written manuals, and provided consulting services for a wide variety of organizations and networks including UNICEF, NTEU, Corning, Inc., Pennsylvania Department of Health, AFL/CIO, Solidarity Center, and others. Kirby is expert at organizing and facilitating complex community planning processes and building managed networks based on shared values.

Kirby is a trained mediator with over 30 years’ experience managing and resolving interpersonal, multi-party, interorganizational and community conflicts. He also teaches courses in conflict management and cooperative conflict resolution.

Registration and Payment

Register online at www.hsctc.org/workshops. If you are unable to register and pay online please call 607-273-8686 or email registration@hsctc.org.

Cancellation Policy

All registration sales are final – we are unable to refund or transfer fees onto a different workshop for missed sessions. At times a workshop may be cancelled due to inclement weather or other issues. If this occurs, we will post the cancellation on our website: www.hsctc.org/workshops, email all registered participants, and refund any prepaid fees. If you plan to walk-in, please check our website for the most up-to-date information prior to attending.


Limited scholarships are available to agencies whose non-profit board and staff members cannot attend without one. To request a scholarship, email: registration@hsctc.org in advance of the workshop.


Coffee, other drinks, and snacks are provided at all workshops; lunch is not provided. Attendees at sessions in the Borg Warner Room may leave and eat lunch on the beautiful Ithaca Commons.

Special Needs

Please notify us if you have any special needs; the Coalition wishes to make its workshops accessible to everyone.

For the comfort of everyone, HSC workshops are fragrance free. We appreciate your cooperation.

Driving and access

The Library is located in downtown Ithaca on the corner of East Green and South Cayuga Streets.

Directions for accessing the Library

The Library does not open its Main door until 9:30 am, so walk to the northeast corner of the building opposite the TCAT Green Street Station, turn right and enter at the door on the right under the green canopy. The Borg Warner room is immediately on your right.

Driving Directions

From North or South on Rt. 13 or 34: Proceed to Green Street in downtown Ithaca. Turn East (toward Cornell and downtown) on Green Street. Proceed approximately six blocks to Cayuga St, take a right turn and proceed as below.
From South on Rt. 96b: Proceed down hill on Aurora Street to East Clinton Street. Turn left and proceed to Cayuga Street. Turn right on Cayuga Street and proceed as below.
From East on Rt. 79 or 366: Proceed to downtown on State St hill and veer right onto Seneca St at the bottom of the hill. Stay in the left lane of Seneca St until you come to Cayuga St. Turn left on Cayuga St and proceed as below.
From West on Rt. 79, 96 or 89: Proceed east to Fulton St. Turn right on Fulton St and stay in the left lane. Turn left on Green St and proceed about seven blocks to Cayuga Street. Turn right and proceed as below.
From all directions: Park in the Cayuga St. parking garage behind the Library and across from the Hotel Ithaca, or in the Green St. garage (entrance is past the “Pay and Display” and after the Cinemapolis sign on the left) diagonally across from the Library. Please note that “Pay and Display” parking is an option but the cost is twice that of the Green St. or Cayuga St. garages. The Library does not open the main door until 9:30 am, so go to the northeast corner of the Library building next to the TCAT Green Street Station, turn right and enter at the door on the right under the green canopy. The Borg Warner room is immediately on your right.

Accessible Parking

We recommend parking on the first floor (it’s actually the second floor of the structure) of the Green Street parking garage near the lime green wall labeled “Green Street.” There is an elevator that will take you down to the ground floor which outlets at the crosswalk on Green Street. Cross the street, turn right and it’s a short distance to the northeast corner of the library, next TCAT’s Green Street Station. Enter at the door under the green canopy. The Borg Warner room is immediately on your right. If the accessible parking spots are taken near the elevator you can also go one floor up and there are more spaces next to the elevator on the roof.
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