Longterm Care Committee Meeting

The Long Term Care Committee’s winter quarterly meeting will take place via zoom on February 5, from 12 to 1:15 pm.

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  • Introductions and community updates
  • Review Minutes of November 6, 2020
  • Status reports: Work groups and local initiatives
  • Proposed projects in 2021
  • Presentation (see below) – will start at 12:30 pm. There will be time for questions and open discussion.

“Combating Social Isolation in the Aging Population”

-with Becky Preve, Executive Director for the Association of Aging in New York 

Social isolation and loneliness are known risk factors for poor outcomes to aging. Research links these factors to a variety of health and mental health conditions, including, but not limited to depression, heart disease, cognitive decline, and impaired immune systems. Unfortunately, the need for social distance because of the COVID-19 pandemic is contributing to the increase in older adults experiencing isolation.

Becky Preve, Executive Director for the Association of Aging in New York, will discuss strategies to address this critical public health issue, particularly during the pandemic. She will share information about a pilot program in upstate NY that evaluated the use of robotic pets in community settings. These interactive companions have been the focus of research studies nationwide to enhance the quality of life for older adults coping with cognitive decline and dementia.


Becky Preve is the Executive Director for the Association on Aging in New York, a member organization representing the 59 area agencies on aging in NY. The mission of the Association is to support and enhance the capacity of New York’s local area agencies on aging and to work in collaboration with the aging network to promote independence, preserve dignity, and advocate on the behalf of aging New Yorkers and their families. Prior to joining the Association, Becky was Director for Franklin County Office for the Aging. Prior to her tenure in the aging network, Becky was an acute care social worker at Alice Hyde Medical Center in Malone, NY.  She earned her bachelors of Science degree from Clarkson University in 2002, and has also received certification from the Institute for HealthCare Improvement, and Boston University of Social Work. Becky is a Board member for Adirondack Health Institute, Hospice of the North Country, and the Joint Commission for Economic Opportunity.

Questions? Contact Beverly Chin at bchin@hsctc.org.

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