Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

The Health Planning Council supports a variety of local wellness initiatives that are in tandem with its mission to improve health in Tompkins County. This commitment is fulfilled in the Healthy & Active Workshops for Chronic Disease, Diabetes Self-Management workshops, and support for Tompkins County Health Promotion Program initiatives.

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The Chronic Disease Self-Management Workshop (Stanford University Model) is an award-winning six-week workshop (2 ½ hours/ week) for 18+ year olds who have an ongoing, long-term health conditions (including but not limited to Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Obesity, Parkinson’s) to provide them with strategies for living a healthy lifestyle. Topics covered include physical activity, exercise, healthy eating, emotion management, medication management, and more skills necessary for continuing a normal life with one’s specific condition. A past workshop participant said:

“I loved the class! It was my first one ever. The program was set up to give equal weight to all aspects of self-managing a chronic illness.”

The Diabetes Self-Management Workshop (Stanford University Program; Approved by the American Diabetes Association) is a six-week workshop (2 ½ hours/week) for people with Type I, Type II, or Pre-Diabetes. It aims to equip participants with the skills necessary to manage diabetes, as well as a healthy, normal life. A past workshop participant said:

“There was always something helpful in each session.”

The Health planning Council supports the Tompkins County Health Promotion Program and its various activities that encourage health and well-being in Tompkins County, such as Asthma Action and Education and the National Diabetes Prevention Program.

For more information on the Self-Management Workshops please call 607.273.8686, or e-mail Beverly Chin (