Community Plans & Assessments

Included on this page are a selection of local plans that relate the health of our community. To suggest an additional plan, please contact John Mazzello.

Tompkins County Office for the Aging

Age Friendly Ithaca and Tompkins County (web)
Age Friendly Ithaca and Tompkins County Action Plan (PDF) – 2016
Age Friendly Implementation Timeline (PDF) –2016
Strategic Plan for Aging in Tompkins County (PDF) – 2015

Tompkins County Department of Planning & Sustainability

Comprehensive Plan (web)
Comprehensive Plan (PDF) – 2015
Comprehensive Plan Summary (PDF) –2015
New List of Action Items (PDF) – adopted in 2019

Tompkins County Health Department

Community Health Plans & Reports (web)
Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) and Community Service Plan (PDF) – 2016-2018
CHIP Update – Prevent Chronic Disease (PDF) – 2017
CHIP Update – Promote Mental Health, Prevent Substance Abuse (PDF) – 2017

Tompkins County Mental Health Services

Local Services Plan for Mental Hygiene Services (PDF) – 2021

Tompkins County Coordinated Transportation Planning

Current Coordinated Transportation Plan (web)
Tompkins County Coordinated Transportation Plan (PDF) – 2020

Tompkins County Area Development

Reports and Strategies (web)
Economic Development Strategy (PDF) – 2015-2020
Economic Development Strategy – Summary (PDF) – 2015-2020

Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency

Action Plans (web)
Adopted Action Plan Summary Table (PDF) – 2020

City of Ithaca

Consolidated Plan (PDF) – 2019-2023

Ithaca-Tompkins Continuum of Care

10-Year Plan to End Homelessness (PDF) – 2010-2019