Long Term Care Committee

Health care worker providing long term care for an elderly man.The Long Term Care Committee (LTC) is comprised of community members, caregivers, medical and human service providers, and professionals representing a broad array of healthcare and residential services, businesses, and programs that serve the aging population and people with disabilities. Long term care refers to the variety of services to meet an individual’s health and personal care needs, over a short or long period of time. Services are provided in different settings including the home, community, or a facility.

The LTC Committee is the designated Long Term Care Council for Tompkins County Office for the Aging and New York Connects Program. As such, it plays a vital role in the local planning process that identifies needs of aging residents, people with disabilities, and people with long term care needs. The work of the Long Term Care Committee is conducted through smaller ad hoc work groups. Active work groups and past projects can be found here.

When Does the LTC Committee Meet?

The Long Term Care Committee meets quarterly (see schedule). Everyone is welcome to participate. Recordings of presentations and minutes from meetings are posted here.

Please contact Teri Reinemann for more information.