Rental Resolutions Program

The Rental Resolutions program supports Tompkins County landlords to build better tenant/landlord relationships in and effort to stave off evictions.

What the program offers landlords:

  • A place to find qualified renters
    • Renters that are ready to go now
    • A Renters Readiness Course will be offered
    • Connection to community services support
  • A place to go for assistance
    • Help with the inspection process
    • Help communicating with tenants
    • Help communicating with programs
  • A voice for you
    • Your issues addressed
    • Your voices heard
    • An advocate for your needs
  • Benefits
    • Mitigation funds
    • Apartment advertisement
    • Growth and overall support
  • Partnership
    • All program offers are only available to partners
    • One consistent point of contact, JD Drader 607.207.1461
    • Continued support and more options as the program grows

What we ask:

  • Become a Partner
    • Pledge a number of rental units to the program
    • Receive all exclusive access to the program
    • Feel more secure in your important role as a landlord
  • Tell us what issues you want help with
    • Keep talking with us
    • Let us know how we are doing
    • Work with us to find a solution
  • Help house low income families and the most vulnerable
    • Place voucher holders in units you pledge
    • If you already accept vouchers, consider adjusting restrictions
    • Use the program to help you create a great relationship with the community