Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice, Accessibility (DEIJA)

HSC DEIJA Statement

We acknowledge the limitations of the health and human services sector to adequately address the deeply entrenched roots of inequality. Institutions that perpetuate oppression and inequality have led our nation to vast disparities in health, housing, legal justice, finance and other systems that deny people from historically marginalized communities the opportunities, privileges and protections that are afforded others in our society.

We at the Human Services Coalition are closely examining our roles in these issues. We are listening and learning how to best effect positive change within our organization, and are committed to taking action. We will also join with other not-for-profit organizations to examine our collective role in sustaining systemic inequities. We acknowledge that racism is a core issue rooted in institutional power, and we will continue to explore how our own organization, in collaboration with our partners, can contribute to dismantling racism in our sector.

Goal for DEIJA Work:

HSC commits to creating a safe and welcoming environment for members of historically marginalized communities within all the spaces we engage. HSC will continue to partner with  organizations that are led by or focused on historically marginalized communities. We will also strive to continue to grow our partnerships with these organizations with the intention of becoming a trusted partner.

*Historically marginalized communities include but are not limited to those who have been exploited or discriminated against due to biases of color, race, national or ethnic origin, gender, creed, sexual orientation or affectation, gender identity, marital status, age, religious preference, disability, economic status, political beliefs or veteran status. We also acknowledge that the intersectionality of these identities can further amplify the risk of marginalization.

DEIJA Maturity Model

Human Services Coalition (HSC) contracted with Tangible Development in the summer of 2022. The model above was provided by Tangible (based on Talent Maps’ Maturity Model) to visualize HSC’s status on the Diversity and Inclusion Maturity Model. As of August 2022, HSC was designated as “strategic” on this model.

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