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607.273.8686 or 211

Our Staff

HSC Staff Members in front of the flowers and shops on the Ithaca Commons.

HSC Staff Members on the Ithaca Commons

Postal address: 171 East Martin Luther King Jr./State Street #133, Ithaca, NY 14850‐5543
We are located in the Center Ithaca building on the Commons – Suite 275. Phone: 607.273.8686

Hours: Monday – Friday……….8:30 am – 5:00 pm 

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Liddy Bargar
Coordinator of Housing Initiatives
Tamara S. Beardsley
Administrative Coordinator
Carolyn Beyers
Health Planning Council Project Coordinator

Bev Chin
Health Planning Council Program Director
Fenice Coleman
Community Services Specialist
JD Drader
Community Health Outreach Specialist

Roberta Hazzard
Health Access Coordinator
Consumer Assistance Program
Elizabeth Hoyt
Health Access Coordinator
Health Insurance
John Mazzello
Director of Community Services

Nicole Roulstin
211 Tompkins/Cortland Call Center Manager/
Urgent Rx Coordinator
Jill Sage
Finance Director
Kathleen Schlather
Executive Director

Emily Sinton
Community Services Specialist
Ellie Stewart
Community Services Specialist
Cindy Wilcox
Director of Leadership Development
and Consulting Services

Ellen Mary Woods
Community Services Specialist