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Ithaca Guaranteed Income (IGI)

The Ithaca Guaranteed Income program (IGI) directed privately-funded monthly cash payments to 110 randomly selected unpaid caregivers and their families in order to strengthen the City of Ithaca and supplement the existing social safety net. This can be a critical tool for improving racial and gender equity as well as strengthening relief and bolstering resilience amid COVID-19. Those not randomly selected for the cash assurance payments were offered a chance to remain in the research pilot’s control group, even getting paid for their time.

Why cash?

Cash is the currency of urgency, and guaranteed income works more effectively when it’s unconditional, direct and simple. Research shows us that recipients of such programs overwhelmingly use the money on their basic needs: housing, utilities, food, unexpected medical costs or other financial emergencies. The pandemic has shown us we should not be putting up barriers to desperately-needed aid. We believe people can be trusted to make their own financial choices, which supports the ideals of freedom and dignity that our country is founded upon.

Won’t “free money” encourage people not to work?Ithaca Guaranteed Income is about dignity, not dollars.  We have to stop attaching dignity to work and instead, attach it to our personhood.  Are you saying that caregivers don't have value because they don't receive a paycheck?
  • Research on several similar initiatives over decades has shown
    no negative effect on the labor market.

  • In Stockton, Calif., recipients actually found more work.
  • In Alaska, where they’ve had a guaranteed income for nearly
    40 years, cash did not stop people from working.

  • Most proposals for a guaranteed income are rather modest.
    Would you quit your job for $5,400 a year?


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