HSC Listserv

What is the Human Services Coalition Listserv?

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Feel out of the loop when it comes to community events, job opportunities, service projects, or grants?

Wish there were a way to share information with the entire non-profit community quickly, easily, and at NO COST?


Using the Human Services Coalition Email Listserv, share information with the local non-profit community regarding:

  • Upcoming events and how to get involved
  • Collaboration in service delivery or grant writing
  • Job opportunities
  • Other topics of specific interest to the health and human services community
  • Donations

The list is open to persons who are affiliated with the non-profit sector. This may include employees or volunteers at not-for-profit agencies, county and city departments, elected officials, board members, or other affiliates. An award by the Appalachian Regional Commission to the Tompkins County Collaborative Communications Project, in cooperation with Cornell University, provided funding for this service.

Guidelines for Posting

These guidelines are subject to change at the discretion of the Human Services Coalition.

Following these Guidelines keeps our List operating successfully:

    • DO use the HSC Listserv to post announcements from annual meetings to donating furniture to posting job opportunities.
    • NEVER use attachments, electronic business card signatures, or graphics.
    • DO NOT use it to post your resume/ask for a job or internship, solicit funds directly from subscribers, sell merchandise or services, find homes for kittens, search for lost/stolen items, post partisan/political messages, or advertise the rental/sale of real estate.
    • DO NOT use this listserv for ongoing dialogue or editorializing. If you want to respond to another subscriber, please respond directly to that individual, not to the entire list.
    • DO use the List as smart way to request information for your not-for-profit or clients. Requests should come from an agency – individuals should not post personal requests on this listserv
    • DO send readers to a link, or copy your document into the body of the e-mail.
    • DO use the subject line to specifically describe your event/information.
    • DO keep your message short and simple.
    • DO provide good contact information.
    • DO type your posting in simple text. “Bold,” “italics,” “bullets,” etc. may show up as embedded symbols in your posting.
    • DO NOT post information for the same event too often. Please respect others’ inboxes and limit posts for the same event to once per week.
    • SUCCESS: The Listserv works in a self-regulated way, owing its effectiveness and success to its own subscribers, now totaling almost 3,000. THANK YOU!


To contact the Listserv Manager, please email Tamara Beardsley at tbeardsley@hsctc.org.