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Upcoming Sessions


Resilient Revenue with Maria Fibiger on 4.22.2021


Past Sessions

Diversity and Inclusion at Work with Debra Turner Bailey on 4.13.2021

FREE – Compassion Fatigue & Self Care Workshop and Group Coaching Sessions with Audrey Halpern and Sue Mann on 3.16.2021

How to Lead Effective Virtual Meetings with Erica Marx and Fred Brown on 3.11.2021

Help Your Nonprofit Strategy SOAR! with Heidi Holtz on 3.3.2021

NEW! Returning to the Workplace After COVID-19 with Ginny Biesiada and Matthew Burr on 2.25.2021

NEW! Rural Cultural Competency with Mary Maruscak on 11.6.20

FREE! ONLINE!Board Chair Round Table: What Should Boards do in this Time of Crisis? with Cindy Wilcox on 5.12.20