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Upcoming Sessions

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NEW – Coaching for Results with Nadia Rubaii and Munna Rubaii on 2.26.18

Recruitment for Diversity: Minimizing Bias in the Hiring Process with Laura Branca and Kirby Edmonds on 3.6.18

FREE – Board Chair Round Table with JoAnne Miner and Cindy Wilcox on 3.20.18

NEW – Managing the Really Small Nonprofit Organization with Bob Riter on 3.29.18

Micro-aggressions in the Workplace with Laura Branca and Kirby Edmonds on 4.10.18

NEW – Data Driven Decision Making with Cynthia O’Connor on 4.17.18

The Art of Facilitation with Jeff Shepardson on 4.26.18


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Past Sessions

Managing a Diverse Workforce with Laura Branca and Kirby Edmonds on 2.6.18

Mindful Leadership with Amy Kohut and Carol S. James on 1.30.18

Write on the Money with Stacey Murphy on 1.23.18

FREE – Should I Join That Nonprofit Board with Cindy Wilcox on 12.14.17

NEW – Managing the Multigenerational Workforce with Jesan Sorrells on 11.29.2017

NEW – Understanding Unconscious Bias and Micro Inequities with CITE on 11.14.2017

NEW – Successful Volunteer Managment with Deb Mohlenhoff on 11.2.2017