Funders Directory

Human figure helping another human figure up a mountain of gears like funders help their grantees.Human Services Coalition Funders Directory

We are pleased to provide this list of funding sources. Although this is by no means a comprehensive list of grant providers serving Tompkins County, these funders have been known to award grants within the Tompkins County area. A more complete
nation-wide database can be found online at the Foundation Center’s website This
information is up-to-date; however, application processes, eligibility, deadlines, and contact information can change.

We recommend that you use this booklet as a general resource in your search for funding sources and that you contact
individual organizations for more detailed information before making funding requests. Though the focus of this
directory is to provide resources primarily for health and human services, several of these sources also fund tourism,
education, community development, human rights, cultural development, environmentalism, and other areas.

The Human Services Coalition (HSC) would like to thank all the funders that provided updated information.

Changes or additions may be sent to Tamara Beardsley at