Health Planning Council

Liz Hoyt, Nicole Zulu, and JD DraderHealth Planning Council Staff

Purpose: The Health Planning Council (HPC) is committed to improving the health and well-being of Tompkins County residents. By convening stakeholders across multiple sectors and providing a neutral forum to exchange ideas, HPC promotes collaboration, alignment of resources, and shared leadership to achieve the common goals.  

HPC was established as the local health planning organization in 1968 in response to federal and State mandates. Although public law around health planning has changed, HPC continues to act as a catalyst to support local and regional planning processes and encourage the development of needed health resources.

Programs and Initiatives: HPC manages the Tompkins Health Network, a rural health network program focused on improving access to health care, enhancing coordination of services, and ensuring equitable health outcomes for all people.  Through its Health Insurance Assistance and Community Health Advocates Programs, our staff meets with individuals and families looking for guidance in enrolling into a health plan or finding a doctor or other medical services.

HPC works with many regional and local partners across a wide array of initiatives to promote a vibrant community that supports healthy lifestyles.