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Health Planning Council Meeting Presentations

Group Listening to Presentation

4-8-2019 – The Impact of Rural Health Funding on the Local Economy with Richard Merchant, Executive Director of Health Workforce New York, Central New York and Northern Area Health Education Centers.  Also Local Health Workforce Initiatives in Tompkins County with Julia Mattick, Director of Tompkins County Workforce Development Board.

6-11-2018 – Whats New in Transportation for Health?
Gadabout, Kristen Wells,
TCAT, Scot Vanderpool,
LimeBike,  Vikki Armstrong, Bike Walk Tompkins
Back-up Ride Home and more, Anna Cook, Ithaca Carshare
5-14-2018 – Behavioral Health Services at Cayuga Medical Center with Eric Jansen, MS, RN, Director of Behavioral Services at Cayuga Medical Center
4-9-2018 – HIV Trends + PrEP and PEP for Prevention with Stephanie Flash, PrEP Coordinator, PPSFL.
Also with:
Emily England, STAP 
Justine Waldman, M.D., STAP Hub Services and REACH Clinic 
Karen Bishop, BSN, RN, TC Health Department
 3-12-2018 – Discussion of Key Priorities in 2018. Advisory Board Members take their turn to address the following questions: 
  • What are your agency/ organization’s top priorities for 2018
  • What do you see at the top priorities in our community
  • Are there new regulatory challenges to your organization that impact the community or changes in funding streams that threaten your organizaiton or porogram.
  • How can the Health Planning Council assist you in addressing your priorities