Health Planning Council Meeting Presentations

Group Listening to Presentation

6-11-2018 – Whats New in Transportation for Health?
Gadabout, Kristen Wells,
TCAT, Scot Vanderpool,
LimeBike,  Vikki Armstrong, Bike Walk Tompkins
Back-up Ride Home and more, Anna Cook, Ithaca Carshare
5-14-2018 – Behavioral Health Services at Cayuga Medical Center with Eric Jansen, MS, RN, Director of Behavioral Services at Cayuga Medical Center
4-9-2018 – HIV Trends + PrEP and PEP for Prevention with Stephanie Flash, PrEP Coordinator, PPSFL.
Also with:
Emily England, STAP 
Justine Waldman, M.D., STAP Hub Services and REACH Clinic 
Karen Bishop, BSN, RN, TC Health Department
 3-12-2018 – Discussion of Key Priorities in 2018. Advisory Board Members take their turn to address the following questions: 
  • What are your agency/ organization’s top priorities for 2018
  • What do you see at the top priorities in our community
  • Are there new regulatory challenges to your organization that impact the community or changes in funding streams that threaten your organizaiton or porogram.
  • How can the Health Planning Council assist you in addressing your priorities
10-16-2017 – The New York State EMS System: Our New Normal – Lee Burns, Director of the NY State, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
10-16-2017 – EMS Statistics in Tompkins County– Lee Shurtleff, Director of Emergency Response for Tompkins County
6-12-2017 – Pedaling for Health – Vikki Armstrong, Karim Beers, Michelle Heck

5-8-2017 – News and Updates from Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services (SPCS) Lee-Ellen Marvin