Help Us Choose the Tompkins Transportation Scout Logo!!

Welcome to Tompkins Transportation Scout🐾

We are excited to announce the official logo selection process for our upcoming project release culminating in November 2024!

Tompkins Transportation Scout is an initiative aimed at improving access to transportation services and enhancing mobility options with a multi-modal transportation customer service center, emergency ride home program, and mobile app in development.

Tompkins Transportation Scout recognizes the importance of community engagement and wants to include YOU to be a part of this transformative project by voting for your favorite logo design. Each logo features the iconic Scottish Terrier, a symbol of determination, loyalty, and independence – characteristics that resonate with our project’s mission to provide efficient and reliable transportation solutions.

We have three options to choose from:

Transportation Scout Logo with large dog head
Transportation Scout Logo Two with small dog in lower right corner

Transportation Scout logo with side dog side profile


Voting ends April 14, 2024

…and afterwards continue to visit to stay updated on the latest news, tips, and community events related to the project. Download the app later this year, and get ready to Scout your way through Tompkins County. Let’s change the way we travel, one paw at a time.

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