Point in Time Count (PIT)

Street Outreach Team on night of the PIT, January 2018

Street Outreach Team on the night of the PIT count, January 2018

Every year the Continuum of Care Committee partners with local organizations and agencies to take a current count of the homeless population in Tompkins County. This is accomplished via a survey administered over a two-day period at the end of January.

The PIT Count not only allows Tompkins County to fulfill a HUD requirement, it’s an opportunity for our outreach team to meet people where they are, bring people in and provide some basic necessities.

2022 PIT Snapshot

Emergency Shelter  

Transitional Housing







National PIT Data via HUD

Follow the link for a look at the national data since 2007 collected by HUD. The Ithaca/Tompkins County CoC’s designation is NY-510.

2022 PIT Results

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2018 PIT Results

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Point in Time Survey

The PIT survey was developed by HUD, and amended to reflect our local community.

PIT Adult Survey

PIT Youth Survey

Housing Inventory Count (HIC)  

The HIC details a listing of reported supportive housing, transitional housing and emergency shelter beds in the county. This list is not exhaustive, and agencies with housing programs are asked to self-report.

HUD HIC Bed Utilization Analyzer